Davao City Councilor Marissa S. Abella shared her experience in helping the farmer cooperatives and associations (FCA) in Davao City in complying with the necessary documents to be submitted for the INSPIRE Program.
“I have seen the needs of this district, particularly the agricultural sector. I encouraged the FCAs to properly manage and maintain this project from DA, so they can benefit from more funding and more projects from the agency,” said Abella.
She also promised to help further the farmers in the area and will also assist in bringing in investors to Paquibato District.
Engr. Ana Lee Manaopanao, Engr. Adel Sabelino, and Engr. Allan Galacio conducted the orientation, discussing the procurement process, infrastructure perspective and design, and infrastructure and equipment components. Kris Thea Entroliso also discussed the status of FCAs under the INSPIRE Program.
RUPAC Chairman Rolando Desales said that they are truly grateful to DA-XI under the leadership of RED Abel James I. Monteagudo for giving them this opportunity to benefit from the INSPIRE Program.
“Thank you for trusting our cooperative, and we promise to take care of the things that are entrusted to us which can truly help in the livelihood of our members,” said Desales.
LUFAMCO Chairman Celso Bughao also thanked DA for choosing their cooperative as a beneficiary of the INSPIRE Program, as well as for the previous projects which have ‘truly helped the cooperative grow.’
MAC Chairman Jose Ranario expressed his gratitude to DA as well, saying that he is thankful for the privileges that the farmers get to enjoy because of these projects, and is hopeful that the agency will continue in their partnership with the FCAs of Paquibato District. | via Reicza Gene Langahin, RAFIS XI
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