A passionate leader that provided direction to DA-CaragaTeam resulting in positive achievements of targets that include the increase and sustained growth of various agriculture commodities such as rice and corn which currently hits a regional sufficiency of 96% for rice and 114% for yellow corn in 2020.
His ability to troubleshoot difficult problems in his previous job proved to be beneficial when he assumed his post in DA-Caraga where some big-ticket projects face various setbacks in the implementation. He was instrumental in the operationalization of 12 Rice Processing Centers that are now being run by the different farmers’ cooperatives and helping the rice farmers in the region.
He also pushed to strengthen other potential commodities of the region such as soybean both in production, research, and marketing. With his support on the region’s research and development efforts, two local varieties namely Manchuria and Tudela Black were given approved registration by the National Seed Industry Council.
During his stint as DA-Caraga Director, various facilities were improved and established, which are now serving the farmers in the region.
He is tagged as a man of vision and one who doesn’t settle for less. Just one year after his appointment as RED of DA-Caraga, he has catapulted the DA-Caraga into one of the top-performing regions in the country with the inspiring Battlecry: Larga Caraga, larga.
With all excitement and expectant hearts, DA-Davao team welcomes RED Monteagudo with open arms extending all supports he needs for the upliftment of farmers' income and production in the region.