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         Challenges and Strategic Development Framework for     

 Agriculture, 2011-2016

 as contained in the Davao Regional Development Plan, 2011-2016




  • Low production and productivity
  • High production costs
  • Inefficient logistics support and inadequate rural infrastructure
  • Limited investments in market support, research, and technology services
  • Trade barriers in exports
  • Limited institutional capacities to perform critical programs and devolved functions
  • Weak extension services
  • Lack of spatial strategy for agricultural investments
  • Slow implementation of the land reform program
  • High vulnerability to international market conditions
  • High vulnerability to disaster risks and climate change
  • Partial realization of the industry cluster strategy
  • Inappropriate agricultural practices



  • Achieve a modern, sustainable, and competitive agricultural sector.
  • Objectives
  • Increase production and productivity
  • Increase food sufficiency
  • Improve capacities for agriculture governance
  • Increase resilience to international market shocks
  • Reduce vulnerability to disasters and climate change



  • Sustain GVA-AFF average annual growth of 1.5-4.5 percent
  • Increase the average rice sufficiency level to 76 percent
  • Decrease post harvest losses for major products
  • Improve the existing 75 percent share of fresh banana to total exports and increase the share of processed agricultural products and other crops to total exports
  • Increase the investments in the agricultural sector, e.g., annual share of agricultural expenditures to total local expenditures to 25 percent and the annual share of the agriculture sector to the total national regional budget allocation
  • Minimum damage to agri-forestry production due to climate change



  • Agri-industrialization, i.e., development of agri-based rural industries (MSMEs) and adding value to agricultural export products.
  • Efficiency in logistics support
  • Increased technology adoption
  • Development of  the agro-ecozones and the SAFDZs
  • Improved capacities for agri sector governance


Policy Agenda

  • Continuing advocacy on the lowering of shipping costs
  • Passage of the Mechanization Development for Agriculture, Fisheries, Agro-Forestry, and Forest Industries Law (HB 843)
  • Local legislation on raising taxes and/or offering incentives related to the conversion of the farming areas

DA-XI Finance Division

  • Accounting
  • Budget
  • Cashier


1. Process and records Vouchers, Payroll and Purchase Request for proper fund control.

A. Regular Program

  • Operation Crops
  • Operation Livestock
  • General Admin. And Support Services (GASS)
  • Support to Operations (STO) 

B. Banner Program 

  • High Value Crops Development
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Livestock 

C. Locally Funded Projects 

  • IDP
  • PPsM  
  • MKDA 

D. InfRES Project 

E. Others

2. Prepares Monthly Status of Funds. 

  • Regular Program
  • Banner Program
  • Locally Funded Projects
  • InfRES Project
  • Others

3. Prepares Monthly and Quarterly Financial Reports for submission to DA Central Office, DBM, COA and 

  • Utilization by Component
  • Cash Utilization
  • Statement of  Allotment Obligation & Balances (SAOB)Detailed Breakdown of Obligations
  • Financial Report of Operations
  • Fund Utilization for Obligation
  • Monthly Cash Program
  • Statement of Cumulative, Obligations Incurred and Balances
  • Detailed Statement of Cumulative, Obligations and Disbursements
  • Report on the Results of Expended Appropriation

4. Prepares Monthly Report of InfRES funds for submission to PCO. 

  • Report of Disbursement
  • Report of Monthly Fuel Consumption of InfRES vehicle

5. Prepares OS for Advice of Sub-Allotments Received

6. Prepares/Maintain Registry of Allotment & Obligations for PS, MOOE & CO Current and Continuing 

  • Regular Programs
  • Banner Programs
  • Locally Funded Projects and Other Funds
  • InfRES Project
  • Others

7. Records, Assigns Control No., Posts to respective RAO, index and release OS duly obligated.

8. Prepares Budget Proposal for submission to DA Central Office.

9. Prepares Budgetary Requirements Needed by the House Committee On Appropriation and Senate       
    Committee on Finance.

10. Prepares Request of Terminal Leave Benefits of retired personnel for submission to DBM through DA-


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