Press Statement
Dr. William D. Dar, Acting Secretary of the Department of Agriculture

THE AGRI EXPERT RETURNS | President Rodrigo Duterte said he was inclined to appoint a former General to head the Department of Agriculture (DA) and he did by appointing Former ICRISAT Director-General, Dr. William Dollente Dar. 

KAPA: Kape ug Patatas | Here's a sure investment that could double your income without fear of closure and saturation - planting Kape at Patatas (Arabica Coffee and Granola potato). | via Noel T. Provido, RAFIS 11 Photos by Jay Delino

ENHANCING CORN PRODUCTION | An increased in corn yield from 3 MT to 5 MT per hectare. This is how corn farmers in Savoy, Matanao, Davao del Sur expects with the turnover of various facilities and types of machinery to their association. | via Feliz C. Lim, RAFIS11 Photo by: Elizabeth C. Torio

SOA ON VEGETABLE PRODUCTION | Aside from providing farmers much needed inputs, machineries, market support, and technologies, valuable information is another assistance they can avail themselves of from the Department of Agriculture (DA). | via RAFIS11 Photos by Ronell Tangonan

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