ALPAS COVID-19 | To attain food security amid Covid-19 pandemic,

ENOUGH FOOD | Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar assures adequate, accessible, and affordable food for every Filipino during this difficult time.

ADLAY’S CHAMPION l It is said that a person will learn more once she steps outside her comfort zone. This holds true for Carmelita Agbon, a farmer-cooperator of DA-XI Adlay on-farm research in Barangay Kilalag, Malita, Davao Occidental and a member of Kilalag Rural Improvement Club Association (KIRICA). Agbon converted to Adlay production in 2015 after veering away from the usual traditional crops.

INDOOR GARDENING | When social distancing is the "in thing" and #stayathome is what our authorities are asking, then try indoor gardening.

Ornamentals may not feed our body but it can nourish our soul especially when boredome strikes.

"Plants improve the quality of people's lives. At home, plants enhance mental, physical, and social health," says Better Homes and Gardens publication.

"People who work with or near plants and flowers have lower blood pressure, less stress, and increased sense of well- being.

Science research bears out these and other benefits of sharing indoor spaces with plants from bolstering serenity to reducing depression, soothing the senses, and evoking happy memories," the book wrote.

In this time when we are all advised to stay at home, why not make it the time to overcome boredom by discovering your green thumb. | via RAFIS11

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