Agriculture Secretary "Manong Willie" Dar calls for collective action as he addresses the Department of Agriculture's - Management Committee and shares the Duterte Administration's vision of a food-secure Philippines.

Manong Willie (this is how Secretary William Dar prefers to be addressed by the farmers and DA family) puts premium on communication to send the message of hope and winning the hearts of the Filipinos on what DA is doing. | via Agri Info Davao team Photo by Jay Delino

WORLD'S BEST COCOA | Out of 223 samples from 55 cocoa-producing countries, one Filipino farmer made it to the prestigious International Cocoa Awards (ICA) and joins the roster of best cocoa producers in the world. | via Noel Provido Photo by Jay Delino

These are the familiar words from the late Maam Gina Lopez and the same words she wrote when she shared our Agri Info Post on Bemwa Farms. Having an overwhelming following on social media, she had greatly boosted our Page and widen our reach with 16,000 plus likes to date. | via Agri Info Davao team.

UNLEASHING THE POWER OF THE SUN | An irrigation system that can cover 10-12 hectares per day with its energy coming straight from the sun, lowering farmer's operating cost and environmental footprint. | via Noel T. Provido, RAFIS11

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