DA 11 turns over 30 units farm tractor

The Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 11 has turned over 30 units of farm tractors worth P130 thousand each to the District 1 and 2 of Davao del Norte Federation of Irrigators Associations (IAs) in Carmen Davao del Norte held last week. 

During the celebration of the 2nd National Irrigation Association and Irrigator’s Association Day, DA led the ceremonial activity which was attended by the farmers organization, irrigators association, and local chief executives. 

Regional Rice program Coordinator Edel Dondonilla said that these farm tractors which will be used for land preparation are incentives to the IAs who are practicing  ratooning in their farm.

Ratooning  or commonly known as “double harvest” (subing) is a method of propagation that uses shoots (ratoons) of the mother crop as the planting material for the next planting season after the previous growth has been cut back.

“We encourage you to practice ratooning in your irrigated rice lands for this method would give you additional seven to 10 sacks of palay per hectare. Your harvest with this method is also an organic produce since this will no longer require fertilizer”, he emphasized.

He said that in a study conducted by Philippine Rice Research Institute, ratooning resulted to higher gross returns at P36,550 per hectare which can attributed to higher yield and low production cost.

He added that the farmers can save more for the ratooned crop which matures in only about 70 to 75 days and requires lesser inputs such as time, labor, and cost for land preparation, seedbed preparation, pulling of seedlings, transplanting, water and weeding.

These farm tractors are grant from DA which is also part of the directive of Secretary Proceso J. Alcala in promoting mechanize farming in the country. (Aggie media service)

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