RAFIS Chief Noel T. Provido said that he came up with ‘Tech Talk’ to attract the millennial audience online. “We continue to utilize Agri Info Davao’s strong following to provide substantive content for our followers since we have seen that most of them show growing interest in agriculture,” he said.
“Our webinars focus on Davao agriculture, emerging technologies, and other issues in the region. Hopefully, we can also feature adlay, high-value crops, rice, and other relevant topics such as agricultural loans in our following webinars,” Provido added.
RAFIS held its first webinar on May 27 which featured Raymund Antiola, Assistant Science Research Technologist of Davao Region Central Experiment Station (DARCES) as the resource speaker. Antiola discussed urban vegetable production during the webinar, which currently has 1,300 views.
The second webinar focused on mushroom culture cultivation techniques and featured Glady Mae Lutarte, Science Research Specialist I of DARCES as the resource speaker.Lutarte discussed the cycle process and factors of mushroom cultivation, as well as commonly cultivated mushroom types in the Philippines.
Lutarte emphasized that mushroom production can be considered by farmers as a business opportunity. “With mushrooms, farmers can invest in integrated farming in which they can diversify their farm components,” Lutarte said.
“Farmers can start with a P5,000 initial capital for the materials and utilize agricultural waste to minimize expenses. Mushroom production will also generate additional income since it is a good cash crop,” Lutarte added.
Lutarte answered questions from viewers during the webinar, and certificates were provided to the participants who viewed and participated in the webinar. The recent webinar currently has 864 views. I Reicza Olojan, RAFIS XI
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