Bankerohan Barangay Captain Edgar Iboyan said that all the meat displayed and sold in Bankerohan Public Market undergone proper animal inspection and found free from any disease. This can be proven through a certification issued by the NMIS to the dealers or meat vendors.

Quarantine Chief Ma. Teresa Bacayo said that DA has strengthen its quarantine services to make sure that no pork infected with African Swine Fever (ASF) or any other animal diseases be sold in the market. She said that the inspection is properly done from the farm sources of animals to the slaughter houses, to the market centers, to the dealers and sellers especially in Bankerohan and other super markets.

“As long as there is a certification coming from the NMIS, you can be assured that the meat is safe for human consumption,” Bacayo said. She also urged the market sellers/vendors to display their certification in their stalls as an assurance that the products they are selling are safe.

The boodle fight activity was participated by the Department of Agriculture (DA), National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), DA-Regional Quarantine Services, Davao City Veterinary Offices, Davao City health office, Hog producers, and hog dealers/meat vendors, among others.