Auro Chocolate the country's leading producer of fine chocolate says " we were ecstatic so we decided to bring him to Paris to receive his award in person, but Wow! little did we know he would make it to the Top 20 best cacao beans in the world."

In August this year, Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar honors Manong Joe as Cacao Farmer Hero for being the only Filipino farmer who made it to this year's Top 50 entries for the International Cocoa Awards.

In the Salon du Chocolat held October 30 in Paris, our humble farmer has proudly raised our flag and made it to the main award Top 20 Award. Manong's Joe feat serves as an inspiration to other smallholder farmers to make it big in the international market.

"Just observe the recommended production and fermentation process and you can produce quality cacao beans," says Manong Joe who is now considered as the world's new generation of cocoa pioneers.

Thank you Manong Joe for making us proud to be Filipino. | via RAFIS 11 Photo Credit: Louie Cena, Auro Chocolate

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