1. HYBRIDIZATION Some of our rice farmers still cling to the old-school mindset, spending more and earning less. Our rice farmers in KIBLAWAN embraced the hybrid rice farming, cutting the production cost and increasing the yield. Zacarias Awing, one of the rice farmers in town said that he could only harvest 163 bags in his 2.3-hectare farm before. But now, with the hybridization technology, he could harvest up to 283 bags. Even with the price drop of palay, he could still earn more because of the increased yield.

2. DIVERSIFIED FARMING Awing also said that farmers can maximize their land area by integrating vegetable production and growing tilapia.

3. REDUCED PRODUCTION COST, GO ORGANIC Cost of input can be reduced if sustainable farming is observed such as utilizing wastes from goats, hogs, and chickens as well as vermiculture to produce organic fertilizer. You also help reduce carbon footprint. (Napa ubos na nimo ang production cost, nadugangan pa ang kita)

4. BE A MEMBER OF AN ASSOCIATION/CO-OP Edgardo L. Gante, president of the Kiblawan Irrigators Association said that this is high time for rice farmers to work hand in hand. According to him, it is easier to request from the government sector and in marketing their produce if you are a member of an association/coop.

5. DON'T BE AFRAID BUT BE INFORMED Rolando Mansueto said that farmers should never be afraid to consult the agriculture office and try the latest technology in rice farming. "They (Department of Agriculture) will not recommend this to us without thorough tests, farmers should never be afraid." | via Celso Campos Vergara and Janelle Tabalina Flores, RAFIS11

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