With this, DA-XI spearheaded by its Information Section conducted on September 12 a Consultative Meeting on Localized Campaign on Rice Tarrification Law (RTL) and Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) in Davao City.

It aimed to synchronize campaign and messaging on the implementation of RTL and RCEF in the region. Local stakeholders which include DA-XI Rice Program, RAFIS, Research Division, and IT Section; NFA, ACPC, DBP, TESDA, ATI and PLGUs discussed inter-agency concerns such as palay price stabilization, mechanization, seeds, training, and credit. The activity covered discussions on communication stakeholders' concerns and crafting narratives through message mapping and framing.

It is hoped that through effective messaging and timely delivery of information, the farmers and the general public will have better understanding and appreciation of RTL and RCEF. Crafted narratives will be posted on succeeding posts. | via Noel Provido, RAFIS 11

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