In a consultative dialogue with IP officials headed by Chieftain Datu Sirano Mambay-an of Matigsalog tribe and Benito Baylonsanon, Chairman of Kauswagan Side 4 Farmers Association on potential crops that can be cultivated in the area with increasing demand in the market.

With an elevation of 400-500 meters above sea level, identified crops include banana (all varieties), cassava, cacao, Robusta coffee, black pepper, fruit trees and upland rice. Soil analysis was also conducted to properly identify their soil type and its existing nutrients as well as deficiencies that need fertilization.

The Provincial Agriculturist Office, Municipal Agriculture Office, and the 66th Infantry Battalion also assisted in the conduct of the said activity.

Director Oñate said developing CADT areas can promote inclusive agribusiness to IP communities through leasing their areas for agribusiness corporations and generate employment for their family members. He said it can also be a source of profit sharing, offering longer and sustainable growth and development among IPs.

He however stressed that the government should be there to help and ensure that IP communities will be accorded with a just and equitable share in the development of their areas. | via Feliz Lim, RAFIS11 Photos by: Ronell Tangonan, RAFIS11