He said that the purpose of the Food security summit is to reignite the partnership between DA and local government units  to work together in making the country food self-sufficient.   “We can produce more food. Kailangan lang natin ang tulong ng LGUs, you only need the support from DA para ang inyong bayan can produce more food for the country. And after that we will link you up to the market,” Piñol said adding that Philippines do not lack food since there are still unutilized potential areas for agricultural production.

He also presented the innovations to help the  LCEs and farmers increase their production and income. These innovations include the Farmers Guide Map which can be accessed online wherein commodities suited for each area are specified.  He added that in just a click, the farmers will be informed what kind of agricultural crops suitable to their soil condition. All the areas in the town are colour coded per commodity.   

Another innovation that can help improve rice production is the solar powered irrigation system which can supply water to the rain-fed areas to maximize the potential production of the area.  Piñol said there are 169 units of solar powered irrigation system that will be installed all over the country which cost P6.5 million per unit but can serve a total of 20 hectares per unit.   Along with this innovation, Piñol encourages the LCEs to identify water sources in their area and make small water impounding projects.  “You have to impound your water so we could easily provide this facility for you,” he said. 

The third innovation he presented is the master listing of farmers in pilot area.  This innovation he said will professionalize all the transactions by the government to the farmers.  In this innovation, the profile of the farmers including the address and assistance received from the government can be automatically traced in just a click.   

“We are providing you the modern, scientific and fast technologies that can help you implement  your food security plan all you need to do is just  tell us what more you need.” Piñol said.

He encourages all the LCEs to submit their municipal Food Security Plan including the interventions needed in order to maximize agricultural production in their area.   This municipal food security plans will be consolidated to form a national food security plan, which will be submitted to congress to form a 5-year National Food Security Act., which will be implemented in five years no matter the administration is changed or not.

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