After a great loss on the destructive Fusarium Wilt or commonly known as Panama disease, Secuya was given 1,500 seedlings under the Fusarium Wilt Management Program of the Department of Agriculture XI (DA-XI).

She recieved the said intervention last October 8, 2017 and in July 12, 2018 she successfully harvested good quality GCTCV 218 bananas.

She harvested the said variety with the following agronomic characteristics: height-316.33 cm, girth diameter-18.77 cm, leaves at shooting-12
and leaves at harvest-3.02.

“Because of my organic practices, out of the 1,500 seedlings only nine percent (135 seedlings) are affected by Panama disease,” Secuya adds.

Secuya thanked DA for the assistance given to her farm adding that, “you gave me a reason to continue banana farming and there is hope in GCTCV 218.”

During the harvest festival held at Secuya farm on Thursday, Dr. Susan Razo, Chief of Integrated Laboratory Division (ILD) clarified that the GCTCV 218 can still be infected with Fusarium Wilt and it would depend on the banana farmers as to what practice they will be using to control its infestation.

“Before DA distributed the seedlings we explained that 218 is moderately resistant to Fusarium Wilt and it is your responsibility to control the disease with your practices,” Razo adds.

DA-XI under the High Value Crops Development Program provided Fusarium Management interventions like; crop shifting, eradication and distribution of GCTCV 218 and 219.

Funded by HVCDP, about P20 million is alloted for the distribution of GCTCV 218 and 219 in Davao Region. Che D. Palicte, DA-11