DA trains teachers on crop pest management

The Department of Agriculture XI-Regional Crop Protection Center (DA-RCPC) has conducted training on pest management for school teachers.

In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) the training aims to complement to K to 12 technical-vocational-livelihood (TVL) curriculum and strengthens teachers’ competencies in teaching agriculture subjects.

The TVL demands skilled and proficient teachers since the track teaches practical skills and comes with industry partnership like DA that will let senior high students gain the needed experience for possible employment or further education/middle level skills training after graduating secondary education.

Dr. Susan Razo, chief of Integrated Laboratory Division (ILD) lauded the eagerness of the participants to learn pest management and thank them for the trust and confidence on DA.

"The four-day seminar will allow you to recognize the helpful and harmful pests in agriculture. We hope that this will raise awareness especially to the students whom you will impart your knowledge with," Razo said.

Marilou Infante, chief of RCPC said their office is willing to accommodate students if an educational trip is necessary on their studies.

"We will provide necessary info as long as it can help the curriculum of the TVL," Infante assures. 

Dr. Marcelo Roco, education program supervisor and TVL training team leader said they personally wrote a letter to DA requesting the agency to grant them a training about crop pest management.

“Agricultural pest management has no available TESDA training and assessment in the region until we have learned that DA-XI has the capabilities and experts to train such skills for our teachers,” Roco added.

Topics such as biological control agents and its utilization and insect pests and diseases of selected crops will be tackled on the four- day seminar.

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