bets10 DA-XI provides livelihood to parolees


Constantino said since December 2016, DA-XI Livestock Program has turned over 19 Boer Goats for livelihood to DCPPO No. 3 parolees and probationers beneficiaries and as one of the production support services and extension support of the Livestock Program.

Based on the DA XI- livestock program report, the program has distributed 183 heads of farm animals consist of: 10 carabaos, 23 goats, 12 sheep, 52 swine, and 71 chickens.

“We are so happy with the implementation of this program supported by DA-XI because we are not just providing these goats as a source of income but we are building their self- reliance and strengthening their sense of responsibility,” said Joyce A. Rendon, Supervising Probation Officer of DCPPO No.3.

Rendon says their partnership with DA-XI has been instrumental not only in reforming their clienteles but also in making them productive. “Aside from livestock production, these parolees and probationers were also engaged in vegetable production of which proceeds from these projects were used to fund our value formation training. More importantly, the farming skills that they learned will enable them to start their own livelihood and hopefully will have regular source of income,” Rendon said.

DA-XI livestock program reminded the beneficiaries about certain conditions in adopting the goat that includes periodic monitoring and checking of the distributed goats, it should not be sold for personal interest but for production expansion purposes and whatever happens to the goat, it should be reported immediately.

The selection of 14 beneficiaries is a result of a thorough evaluation and ocular inspection done by the DA-XI livestock program team.

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