There is more to cacao than chocolates. Processing cacao generates lots of cacao husks (which is 77% of cacao pod's weight) can be used as fuel briquettes. Traditionally, cacao farmers collect only cacao beans leaving the husks unutilized and generates foul odor and serves as inoculum of black pod rot and pathogens. DA-PhilMech conducted a study to develop cacao husks as an environment-friendly fuel briquettes. A better option over destructive wood charcoal. The study of Andres Tuates, Jeszel Suligan, Ofero Caprino on "Utilization of Caca Pod Husk as Fuel Briquettes" shows cacao pod husk sa a high heating value. Converting cacao pod husk into fuel briquettes adds value to cacao production at the same time promotes proper waste disposal and or recycling. 

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