DA11 OIC Reg'l. Director Ricardo Oñate Jr. (1st photo) addresses the manufacturers and distributors during the Forum for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors in Mindanao. Oñate urges the participants to partner with the DA to further improve delivery of better agricultural machineries to the farmers. "We plan to form an association here in Mindanao because we fall short in terms of mechanization. Through this forum I know we can make these machineries reached to our farmers," Oñate said. DA-Field Operations Service Director Andrew Villacorta (2nd photo) said the forum is a call for the development of the farm mechanization in Mindanao. He adds that Secretary Emmanuel Piñol instructed them to strenghten the mechanization in Mindanao. He said that Secretary Piñol urge the local manufacturers and distributors to organize and unify the industry. Also he added that the Secretary wanted to intensify the collaboration of the manufacturers and distributors association and the government. 

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