During the recent DA's yearend assessment with LGUs, regional director Remelyn Recoter said that recognition of the region’s performance is attributed to the recorded actual increase in the rice production from 421,692 MT in 2013 to 452,267 MT in 2014.

The area harvested in Davao region for 2014 is recorded at 106, 911 hectares from 103, 475 hectares in 2013.

"Positive growth rate was noted because we match the existing condition of rice production in their respective areas to the interventions provided to them", Recoter said.

Based on the data from DA 11, Davao region increased its sufficiency level to 52 percent from 49 percent in 2013.

“We are hopeful that with the appropriate interventions such as farm mechanization and postharvest facilities along with staunch  support from our farmers, local leaders and technicians the region can continue to increase its rice production and  make significant contributions to the country's rice self-sufficiency bid”, Recoter said. (Lucille Bocado/ DA 11)