It is also in line to the government’s thrust as stipulated in R.A. 8485 otherwise known as “Animal Welfare Act of 1998.”

The OIE standard forms a logical framework with regards to animal welfare. Like human beings, the animals had also their own basic freedom.

During the workshop basic freedom needed in animal welfare  were discussed like:  freedom from hunger and thirst (metabolic needs, gut physiological requirements, feed palatability and body condition), freedom from discomfort (air quality, thermal comfort, physical comfort, light regime levels and programs); freedom from pain, injury and disease, (veterinary programs, mutilations & veterinary procedures, treatment facilities, assess body conditions, culling and killing methods); freedom to express normal behavior, animals’ behavior, life cycle requirements, social grouping, competition for resources, environmental enrichment, stocking densities; and freedom from fear and distress; stockmanship, predator control, equipment used and, stocking densities employed.

Ma. Gracia N. Dizon-Flores, officer-in-charge of the Animal Welfare section of Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), the animals needed tender loving care.

She added that understanding animal behaviour facilitates handling, reduces stress, and improves animal safety and handler welfare.

Meanwhile, DA 11 Assistant Regional Director for Research and Regulatory Dr. Rafael Mercado said that the event is in preparation for the Economic Integration which will happen next year (2015).

”This ASEAN Free-Trade Agreement 2015 is a member of OIE with almost 157 members including the Philippines,” Mercado bared. (Aggie Media Service)

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