A total of 547 heads of doe and 110 heads of buck were dispersed at the above mentioned barangays serving 26 farmer beneficiaries.

The projects under GPBP were Home based Goat Production with P 2 million budget allocation and Corn Seed Subsidy with P 500K.

Home based Goat Production creates additional income to the farmer beneficiaries; it also adds awareness in the proper raising of goat and a fulfillment of a One Town One Product (OTOP) of the municipality.

Sulop is essential for goat production since its climate is highly suitable for goat raising due to its blessed natural resources with even rainfall distribution throughout the year and is not directly hit by typhoon and strong winds.

Meanwhile, 24 barangays benefited from the corn seed subsidy project wherein the project can contribute to the increase of income among beneficiaries.  

DA Field Operation chief Rosalinda Mediano said that the GPBP or formerly known as Bottom-up Budgeting (BuB) was created to allow the recipients or the farmers to participate in the implementation of the livelihood projects offered by the government.

“The cooperation from the recipients is expected to see the full result of the GPBP projects. This project will help the farmers increase their production through additional income in goat raising and corn production,” Mediano stressed.

Sulop was the first municipality in the region who received the fund transfer among 1,233 focused priority municipalities.

The GPBP-driven initiatives for the Davao region is earmarked at  P307 million, which includes agri-livelihood projects, Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) projects, post-harvest facilities, other agri-infra facilities, irrigation, among others. (Aggie Media Service