November 15, 2013 was marked to be the country’s first  Brown Rice Day as part of the celebration of the National Year of Rice (NYR).

“Brown Rice Day” aims to encourage the food-service industry to serve unpolished rice to increase public awareness on its characteristics and health benefits.

Eating brown rice could also help in achieving the country’s goal of rice self-sufficiency as it has 10 percent higher milling recovery. A study showed that if each Filipino would eat brown rice 36 meals a year, our rice importation would shrink by an average of 50,000 MT a year.

Few of the many health benefits of eating brown rice or unpolished rice are it is rich in selenium that reduces the risk for developing common illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis, lowers the risk of diabetes and prevents weight gain. (LLbocado-Aggie Media Service)

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